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Yesterday I took the train from Brussels to London to meet up with the Hellman himself Jack Smith. Jack was on business (he's a pilot) in London and gave me a shout to come meet him, so after about 15 seconds of contemplation I was in. We spent the day cruising the streets where I captured this shot. I was focused on getting a motion photo all day which involved me swerving in and out of traffic with my camera accompanied with a the 16-35 mm lens. Normally this is alright when everyone drives on the right side of the road but shooting from a skateboard in a unfamiliar city while traffic patterns are completely foreign as well can cause some interesting moments. Needless to say I didn't get hit and if I did the photo I posted today would probably be me throwing up a gang sign in a hospital. We made plans to meet some of jacks friends that night in downtown London and go out. As soon as I heard go out I looked down at my tee shirt with a 8 inch hole in it. It turned out in Europe Im actually high fashion, the less you give a shit the more people think you planned it that way. Night life in London was awesome, until about midnight. At midnight all the lights of London pubs come on signaling last call also known as my nightmare. We spent the next 2 hours trying to find a beer which failed. Despite the lack of beverages it was still a rememberable night and were ready to rally the next night with a more planned out game plan. Till next time, cheers from London. 

Photo Settings iso 100 16mm f/5.6 1/60 s


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