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In the closing days of my trip to Brussels I began to feel what a normal life would be like here. Its always great visiting places as a tourist but it’s special to visit a place that feels like home. I started to walk mindlessly, just following my feet knowing that they knew their way around town. On Friday I went with both of my cousins and a friend to Antwerp. Unlike Brussels, Antwerp is in the Flemish side of Belgium, and the 50 kilometers between the 2 cities could have been 500 kilometers. The Flemish side holds more of a quant effect. Little highways for bicycles and the interesting dialect of a Belgian Flem. I indulged in a burger for lunch which was a major fail because my burger came out as a salad with a patty. I began to accept that I would have to wait till I get back to America to get a true burger again. We continued our day walking the streets where I heard the acoustic tune of three little birds by Bob Marley echoing along the cobble stone streets. When I entered the square I saw a man with his legs crossed, clutching his guitar, and sharing his song with the crowd in Antwerp. I began shooting but dancing at the same time. I noticed the background which had vibrant artwork plastered across it’s facade. Then I noticed the people moving and cut my composition into thirds. I had the background,  I had the composition, and I had the subject which could not have been more perfect. Every lyric he sang, his facial expressions would emphasize his emotions. I don’t believe I ever met a person with such passion for his art shown through his smile. The capture that I got was with my EF 70-200 mm f/2.8 iso 640 1/3200 sec. Shooting this moment in the square will highlight my trip but now i’m on a plane home trying to kill 6 hours and thinking about all the great times I had.



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